#10. Perfecting the rewinding technique to your favorite song on cassette

Rewind. One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi. Play… silence… then, YES!

You finally did it!

Today you have achieved Cassette Rewinding Master status!

You just finished listening to your favorite tune for the 5th time in a row on your Walkman, and it’s time for round six of Basket Case, naturally. Ever since you created your mixtape off of the radio, it has become a matter of efficiency and pride to try to perfect your replay timing. You were close the past nine times, but on the tenth, you conquered the game and avoided the radio DJ’s intro completely.

Great job Pro! The music always sounded better after such sweet, victorious perfection.

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4 Responses to #10. Perfecting the rewinding technique to your favorite song on cassette

  1. Rich Knight says:

    Even better, the Talkboy cassette player. “Haaaaai, kids, we’re home eeearly”

  2. david says:

    I remember doing this to my kriss kross cassette tape

  3. Mark A says:

    Dude, I used to have this mixed tape that I made from the radio. I listened to it so much that I thought parts of the radio station music/DJ intro were part of the song. I now feel incomplete when those songs play and I don’t hear those portions. Classic.

  4. Pat J says:

    Hells yeah man i use to do this with like my ACDC tape too man AWESOME!!!

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