#14. Sniffing markers before they were “non-toxic”

Sniff, sniff, pass. Sniff, Sniiiiifff, pass. It smells like its color!

Intoxicatingly addictive, like a fruit flavored gasoline, these markers came in Jolly Rancher style pairings: Watermelon! Cherry! Grape! Apple!

It was always a great bonding experience killing brain cells together while the teacher had her back turned.

It was a great secret party until the weird kid, who was intentionally excluded from the sniff-fest, tried to join in, but took things too far by uncapping a fistful of Sharpies. He thought it would have the same effect as the magically delicious ink, but instead he unleashes a stench worthy of a thousand assholes.

Photo sources: 1, 2, 3

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