#18. Fantasizing about winning the Toys ‘R Us Super Toy Run

A postcard, one winner, and a five minute shopping spree at Toys ‘R Us… the ultimate dream.

I nearly jizzed my pants with excitement over the possibilities every time I saw one of these commercials.

Sure I was excited like everyone else at the possibility of getting a shit ton of expensive toys (but why did the boy in the commercial always go grab a damn telescope? Who went to Toys ‘R Us for science instruments?!), but I was a business minded kid, and all I dreamt about was winning the contest and maximizing profits.

I would see the kid in the commercial and think, “What a fool! Why fill up your cart with big boxes?  You gotta get the most bang for your buck and go straight for the video game section, and grab ALL of the video game redemption slips. What would you do with 200 Super Nintendos and 30 copies of the same games? RESALE. Profit. Done.

Those commercials were mesmerizing and in the end, every dream concluded with a frantic scavenger hunt for postcards and 29 cent stamps.

“Orlando, Florida… Orlando… P.O. Box… Florida…”

But seriously, whose family actually had spare postcards lying around?

Nickelodeon + Toys ‘R Us = The Kiddie Corporate Dream Team

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2 Responses to #18. Fantasizing about winning the Toys ‘R Us Super Toy Run

  1. julie says:

    all those times i tried to frantically memorize those Orlando, Florida P.O. Box numbers before they flashed away in 2 seconds….

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