#20. Receiving an AOL IM from an unknown user

Brrring! A mysterious instant message!

Well, hello stranger!

A gray box appears in the center of your screen waiting for your approval. Whoa, hold on there buddy! Before you get trigger happy with the accept button, you gotta make sure it’s safe and not laced with viruses.

Your brain races through the possibilities:

Is it a secret admirer? A spammer? Or is it just your best friend pulling a prank? Did I mention that it could it be a secret admirer?

You can’t extract any clues based on the screen name, and the suspense is killing you.

You hit ‘Accept’ anyway, I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?

In the end it’s usually just a classmate asking about homework, or your best friend posing as a hot Junior chick from the neighboring public high school under the alias Scubababy85, pulling off the most elaborate three week online prank of all time…but those five seconds of excitement were definitely one of the best parts of using AIM.

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One Response to #20. Receiving an AOL IM from an unknown user

  1. James says:

    classic prank …. Scubababy lives on!!!! hahaha

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