#22. Plastic Singing Tubes

If the Ninja Turtles became a Broadway musical, these would be Michaelangelo’s weapons on stage.

Plastic singing tubes are musical nunchucks.

During the summer you spent hours on the front lawn feeling like a Bruce Lee wizard by controlling the howls of the wind through these three basic moves:

1) The Petey Pablo:

Simply put, you spin it around your head, just like a helicopter.

2) The P.E. Class Arm Circles

Small circles…big circles…gooood! Now the other direction! All together now!

3) The Zorro-X

Quick! Slash at your imaginary enemy in an ‘X’ pattern to release short bursts of attack sound effects!

The fun however came to an end after you came to one of the following realizations:

1) Wow, there really are only three moves to work with…

2) The neon colors of the tubes went out of style at the end of The Fresh Prince season 1.

3) Your parents conned you with a Mr. Wizard move by getting you a science toy that they got at Home Depot for $0.69.

You would think that this company would go out of business after the fad ended in the early 90’s, but they didn’t. They just had to team up with the funnel factory next door…

Random Asian dude going nuts with the singing tube:

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