#25. Running home for some Sunny D

The commercial:

“Ok, we got OJ, purple stuff, some soda, Sunny Delight…”

“I’ll try Sunny Delight.”

“OK! YEA!”

Real life:

“So… what do you want to drink?”

“What you got?”

“Water, milk, soda, but that bottle has been sitting there for a couple weeks and is probably flat. Let me shake it up… yeah. It’s flat. Oh, we have Minute Maid fruit punch! Um… I could make some Tang?”

“What kind of milk is it?”


“Ugh, that’s no good, non-fat is like white water.”

“We have Nesquik… I can make you some chocolate milk.”

“Really?! Can you stir it until there are chocolatey bubbles floating on top? I love drinking Nesquik and having those magma-like bubbles unexpectedly explode with powder either shooting at my eye or drying out my tongue. It’s an amazing feeling.”

“I most definitely can.”

If OJ is an option before Sunny D, why the hell would anyone go for Sunny D? It’s like going shopping for clothes and deciding between leather and pleather. Wow pleather! Alright!!!

I actually forgot about this drink until I saw Juno.


Tomorrow’s post will feature our first viewer submitted entry! Stay tuned!

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