#33. Kindergarten Afternoon Naps

It has been a busy morning of excitement and discovery:

  • You successfully performed a hair transplant with the blonde girl sitting next to you. Tara was curious about your thick black hair and you of her long yellow strands, so the only logical action was to agree to perform a single hair pluck and swap. It was the only day in your life that you were a 1/100,000th blondie.
  • You drew a picture of your mom using your signature circle head/brick body style. Yeah, you knew that one was going on the fridge… but for the next 20 years?

  • You witnessed the teacher’s assistant perform the most skillful use of scissors that you have ever seen. She was able to cut a sheet of construction paper perfectly in half without needing to fold it or without relying on any guiding pencil marks. Amazing!
  • You were taught the most efficient way to draw the sun in your crayon landscape pictures by your friend Blake. It was so simple, why hadn’t you thought of it earlier?! A yellow semi-circle with rays covering the top left corner. Always.

But that was the morning, and now it was time to wind down. Your teddy bear obsessed kindergarten teacher Mrs. P announced that it was now nap time, which worked Blake up into a frenzy as everyone ran to their cubbie.

“Traffic jam! Traffic Jaaam!”

Blake runs in circles, madly flailing his head and arms while making police siren sound effects. You on the other hand, reach behind your G.I. Joe lunch box and calmly grab your napping beach towel. It was a thin, scratchy towel that had your full name on the lower right corner (your mom even stitched in your middle initial, just in case there was another Korean kid in your class with the exact same name as you).

The beach towel provided absolutely zero cushioning on the hard floor…

but it never felt soo good. Ahhhhh!

Sweet dreams! A tray of chocolate milk awaited your arrival back to the real world of squishy head Ninja Turtles, snap bracelets and Coo-OOO-kie Crisps.

Photo source: 1, 2, 3

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