#34. Junior high library magazine breaks

Junior high was a huge change from 6th grade. There were a lot more people, better school lunches ($2 for a greasy slice of pepperoni Pizza Hut pizza and a Hawaiian Punch), and of course, real magazines in the library.

If your English class ever took a trip to the school library for research purposes, you always made your magazine rounds before getting down to any work.

Guys know what I’m talking about… there was an order to things.

1. Surfer Magazine

99% of guys didn’t even look past the 1st page. It was all about the dependable inside cover. It always had a Reef ad like this one:

Badonkadonk! All day!

2. Sports Illustrated

You perused through Sports Illustrated for actual sports stories about Shaq and Penny. For some reason the Swimsuit edition was always missing… although they carried it at the public library. God bless them!

3. National Geographic

They always had the coolest scenic pictures that made you want to be a traveling photographer. Sometimes though, you would giggle when you were caught off guard by pictures of topless tribal women, and left wondering how the librarians ever missed that.

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