#39. Top rainy day classroom activities

It’s been storming outside all week, which is very rare for sunny California, and it’s all because of this storm:

11:59 AM: Your teacher takes one hard look out the window at the flooding school grounds. Sigh. “Another extra unpaid hour of baby sitting,” she thinks to herself, before turning to the class with an exuberant, “Looks like we’re gonna have lunch indoors today, class! Fun!” (side note: she starred in her college production of Guys and Dolls and was the cheerleader at the top of the pyramid. Skills.)

There were three basic choices for the lunchtime activity of the day:

1) The Movie

It was either Fern Gully

The Land Before Time

The Princess Bride

or a movie someone brought it (but it had to be rated G, so Pinocchio was definitely out… kids smoking cigars and turning into laboring mules on a hidden island? Yeah, that was definitely for kids).

Looking back, movie lunches had to be the result of one of two possibilities:

– The teacher was exhausted and wanted some chill “alone” time.


– The teacher was hungover and maybe had a spectacular lunch that she wanted to savor slowly.

2) Jeopardy

This one usually only happened with those beloved rotational substitute teachers with keen meteorological instincts and the dedication to create questions worthy of Double Jeopardy.

There were rarely any prizes awarded, but nonetheless it was highly competitive and bonus points for those who remembered to answer in question form.

3) The King of Classroom Games: Heads up 7UP

There were two sets of rules: the official rules, and the REAL rules to play the game right.

REAL rule #1. Cheating is allowed. You must only look like you have your head down with your eyes covered. A true player however, always had his forehead at the edge of the desk, which allowed him to stare at the carpet to increase the probability of catching a glimpse of the picker’s shoes.

REAL rule #2: If picked by one of the 7, always accuse the girl you want to like you. Even if she didn’t pick you, if she blushes or looks away, she’ll definitely say yes to going to see Toy Story with you.

REAL rule #3: Everything is reversed. If your thumb is lightly touched to the point where you’re not sure if you were even picked, there’s a 90% that it was a guy. If they are forceful, it’s a 90% chance that it’s a girl and an additional 60% chance that she totally wants to hold your hand.

In the end, the rainy days turned out to be a great bonding experience that helped solidify some of your friends for life and had your class begging for just one more game of Heads Up 7UP all the way until mid-June.

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