#40. Having your day dictated by TV schedules

No TiVo, no DVR, no streaming episodes.

It was a simpler time when TV guide and the weekly TV booklet in the Sunday paper controlled your evening itineraries.

Everyone lived a synchronized life. The phone never rang on Thursdays between 7-9pm, unless it was a commercial. Even then, the conversation would revolve around what just happened to Rachel on Friends.

We were all slaves to the Simpsons, and NBC’s Must See TV.

Every so often there was the unexpected announcement of a free HBO or Cinemax preview weekend which would then instantly trump all previous engagements. Lots to watch, lots to bootleg.

Time to bust out those blank VHS tapes to record Tommy Boy.

“Fat guyyy in a little coat… fat guyy in a liiitle coooat.” 

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