#41. The NBA on NBC

Dear NBC,

Please come back to broadcasting NBA games. I miss you.

I just found out that John Tesh composed the theme song. You made his departure from Entertainment Tonight to pursue horrible, horrible music totally worth it with this one piece of basketball immortality.

Payton oopin to Kemp and Shaq diving into the cameraman… iconic


I miss the fonts you used. It made the game seem more like a sports movie.


I miss Bob Costas calling the games. He just seemed out of place commentating at any other event, sort of like when Dennis Miller joined Monday Night Football.

When girls complain about how they don’t understand why guys love watching sports so much, I want to use you as an example because you told the story right. As my friend Bryant would say, girls like to watch dramas on TV, while sports, are live equivalents for guys.  The NBA on NBC was all drama. No one these days does the storytelling intro quite like how you did it…

Since we don’t get to watch you tell the story anymore, we’re stuck with girls who only root for crappy, but good looking players.

Like Wally Szczerbiack.

Most girls don’t know much about bball… I guess that’s how Adriana Lima and Maria Sharapova got duped into marriage by Marko Jaric and Sasha Vujacic…

The lesson here: persistence works! Marco Jaric looks like the Eastern European Super Mario.

NBC, please bring back Peter Vecsey and his arrogant interview style. I liked how he interrogated the players and made them feel like they were sent to the Principal’s office.

NBA on NBC, you will always have a special place in my basketball memories. Thank you.


Your #1 Fan.

P.S. It was always a special treat when your Miller Genuine Moments happened to feature Reggie Miller and his two 3-pointers in 3 seconds against the Knicks. I have love for the Knicks, and yeah he pushed Greg Anthony, (but so did Jordan with his “Last Shot”) but that play by Reggie was flat out AMAZING!

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