#42. Got Milk? : Everyone knows Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton

The first Got Milk? commercial!

It was the greatest commercial that you had ever seen. Hilarious and educational. Could it get any better? I submit that it cannot!

You watched the poor guy dip his knife into the world’s largest peanut butter jar over a thousand times and you were itching for the day when you could finally apply your newly acquired nugget of historical knowledge.

Little did you know that the wait would be 10 years…

Usually your US History class looked more like this:

but then one day your teacher finally asked the question everyone knew the answer to.

While your wide-eyed classmates got excited and slowly began the initial motions necessary to successfully signal the teacher, you had already beat them using your ninja-like reaction speed (you did not have rusty reflexes like the others since you have been quick to prematurely raise your hand to anything Hamilton related for the past decade).

“Eh-whun Burr!”

Good job Smarty, you totally owned it!

The milk industry: Making dairy look sexy even to lactose intolerant Asians.


Photo source: 1

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