#48. Skeeter vs. Gerald from Hey Arnold!: Who’s Blacker?


Mosquito “Skeeter” Valentine

– He’s so Black, he’s blue (turquoise)

– Highly fashionable with matching lightening bolt shirt, MC Hammer pants w/knee pads, and shoes

– Has his own patented sound:

– Has rhythm:

—Drummer in “Bangin’ on a Trash Can”

—Taught Doug how to dance

Bonus cool: has a superhero alter ego, the Silver Skeeter (not a retired adult film star)

Gerald Martin Johanssen

– He’s actually Black

– From the mean streets of Hillwood (Brooklyn?)

– Kid ‘N Play haircut

– Always wears a Scottie Pippen jersey with matching red shoes

– Smooth talker

– Coolest kid at school: class president

– Has a brother named Jaime O.

– Has Yellow Fever

– Patented a handshake with Arnold that rivals the Fresh Prince and Jazz

Wiggle wiggle

Your thoughts?

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