#59. How to be a Baller – by Uncle Scrooge

Let’s be real, even though Launch Pad was probably your favorite character (or maybe Huey, Duey, or Louie: whoever was the one with that really scratchy voice… “But…Uncle Scrooooge!”) you still had to respect Scrooge McDuck.

Starting everyday with a dip into a shimmering pool of gold coins?

The dude flat out knew how to live it up.

And he also made you dream…

About one day being so rich that you could buy your own Hover Board and flying Delorean.

About being able to buy all the toys at Toys ‘R Us and owning all the Nintendo games in the world (always was my wish while holding my breath through tunnels).

Or about being rich enough to have a Rolls Royce, a chauffeur, and a sophisticated palate to enjoy the finest mustard in the world…

Sadly, over time those dreams of amassing world-dominating wealth faded, and instead you settled for the reality of bi-monthly checks or direct deposits. Yippee-ki-yay.

How awesome would it be if instead of receiving a check for your two weeks of LABOR, you got a burlap sack full of cash with a fat “$” on it… or even a bunch of gold coins. That would make paydays ridiculously fun. You would feel more accomplished coming home from work with your loot than when Aladdin stole a loaf of bread.

Even if you worked at McDonald’s, you could convert that week’s worth of wages into gold painted pennies, dump it in your kiddie pool… and DREAM baby!!!

One day we’ll all feel this way…

Stay POSITIVE! Check out this book and change your life: THINK AND GROW RICH.

Will Smith knows what’s up…

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