#60. Reaching into the fountain for a quarter

It was always slightly out of reach, but the moment you spotted one, you rolled up your sleeves, had your brother hold your ankles and went for it.

Your dignity?… Gone. Instantly.

You had to do it. Free money.

And back then, 25¢ got you either…

5 Bazooka Joes (rock hard? Absolutely.);


5 individually wrapped Mega Warheads;

3 Atomic Fireballs (milk not included);

2 Blow Pops, 2 Caramel Apple Pops or


2 Tootsie Pops (or if you had the wrapper with the Indian chief shooting an arrow at a star, you got a free one, right?)


2 boxes of Lemonheads;

or similarly: 2 boxes of Johnny Apple Treats, or the racially ambiguous Cherry Clan (the 3rd guy: Asian cherry or Mexican wrestler?)


1 Sticky hand (a.k.a gummy lint roller for walls)

1 Ring Pop

1 Giant bouncy ball


2 Number 2 pencils with your elementary school’s emblem on it. Nerd.

But buckle up Shorty!

While in your Mission Impossible position, your brother is about to suddenly remember how you successfully gave him a pig nose with a Scotch Tape sneak attack last Thursday, and you’re about to get dropped into the oversized birdbath…

It’s all good though. In the end you’re still funding your candy addiction by exploiting other peoples’ wasteful wishes. And nothing feels better than “earning” free unexpected candy on a day that doesn’t fall on October 31st.

And while you’re in there… might as well pick up a few more quarters.

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