#2. Awesome old school plastic lunchboxes!

G.I. Joe, Hulk Hogan, Ghostbusters… whatever the theme, the front sticker was always something cool that you could stare at during the entire lunch period.

The thermos had a cap that could be used as a cup, and featured a built-in plastic staw. You could have only put water in that thing, but for some reason it never failed in damaging a whole generation’s taste buds with its consistent mildewy taste.

Can’t you just smell that nasty straw right now?

Thanks Thermos!

This is a picture of the actual lunchbox that I had in Kindergarten. Here’s a recap of my first lunches at school:

Day 1: Mom packs me a California roll. Kids gather around to see what I’m eating, then flee in disgust. I go home and complain. My mom vows to pack something more ‘de-ri-shush’ for tomorrow.

Day 2: Mom wakes up earlier, cooks up some Korean BBQ and quickly packs it in Tupperware. Four hours later, a crowd surrounds me as I open the lid, releasing a mushroom cloud stench of cold, wet Korean BBQ forcing them to make gas masks with their hands. I go home dejected. I demand peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, no crust. Always.

Oh…to be the only Asian kid in class… just precious.

Photo source: 1

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