#3. When Weezer Actually Made Music…

We all heard “Say it Ain’t So” on the radio, fell in love with the Blue Album, (Pinkerton was/is awesome too) and with Weezer. They were amazing! The “Buddy Holly” music video even came preloaded on Windows 95…

We loved Weezer soo much growing up that we kept giving them a chance every time they released a new album, only to be left severely disappointed with the crap we just bought for $16.99 + tax at Sam Goody. Yet we still held onto an unwavering optimism that they would go back to their old ways on their next album.

Well, it has been over 15 years and six albums later, but we still pathetically cling to this hope. “Beverly Hills”?! REALLY?

It’s like we’re in a sick, abusive teenage relationship where the QB is consistently a jerk to the hot chick, yet she won’t leave him for the more reliable, awesome bball player in biology class *ahem*…

Why Weezer why? Why do you push us away, when all we want is to love you?

On the flip side, Green Day was able to reinvent themselves successfully… but the trade off is that now there’s a new generation of kids who have no idea what Dookie is, or know about the secret “All by Myself” hidden song at the end of track 14.

All the cool kids knew about that song in 5th grade. We liked it a lot even though we had no idea why. Maybe it was drummer Tre Cool milking the Ringo effect like Octopus’s Garden?

We also didn’t know what the song was about at that age. During one recess the guys were discussing its possible meaning, when little Jenny butted in with:

“My older sister says that song is about masturbation!”

“What the hell is that?”

“No idea.”

“Oh. Ok.”

Thank God Wikipedia and Google Images didn’t exist back then, or else the only things to come out of a 5th grade boy’s mouth that year would have been, “Go away! I’m busy!”, followed by, “Wait a minute… WAIT a MINUTE!”

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One Response to #3. When Weezer Actually Made Music…

  1. Rich Knight says:

    This one is SO true. Weezer is awful now. Pinkerton was the shiiiiit.

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