#4. When Cigarette and Alcohol Companies Gave Away Free Shit All the Time

Don’t smoke. Smoking is bad. Drinking hardcore isn’t good either…

But free t-shirts, beer coolers, hats, playing cards, cool motion sensor dancing Coors Light Cans in oversized sunglasses?! That’s always going to be welcome.

I got all kinds of cool stuff like this growing up. Not because my parents were chain-smoking alchies… but because we owned a liquor store. We’re Korean. I know…

There was a time when schools were not hyper-sensitive to students wearing tobacco and alcohol gear. I’m not saying it should be allowed today like how they let it slide in the past, but the relaxed rules made for great childhood memories in retrospect.

Case in point: Halloween parades in elementary school.

Kindergarten: I wanted to be Super Mario soo badly. It was too perfect. I had my Oshkosh overalls, a red shirt, white gloves… but where to find a red hat with a huge “M” on it? I thought about it for weeks and was stumped. Luckily my dad had the solution, and as a five year old, I proudly marched in front of the whole school and all the parents in my gigantic red “M[alboro]” Mario hat.

Fourth grade: That year I wanted to be Sherlock Holmes. I had discovered an old brown trench coat in the garage and had my trusty ant zapper. But again, I was missing the signature hat… where could I find a double brimmed hat without paying too much? Like clockwork, my dad came through in the clutch. He told me that he found the hat that I’ve been looking for, except that it was black and orange and had a picture of a deer on it. It’s perfect, I thought! Halloween colors!

And that’s how Jagermeister Sherlock Holmes was born. True story.

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One Response to #4. When Cigarette and Alcohol Companies Gave Away Free Shit All the Time

  1. Mark A says:

    Let’s not forget those good intentioned candy cigarettes. I loved that shit. Bad. Ass.

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