#6. Dimetapp: God’s gift to sick children

It tastes like a liquid Japanese grape-chew candy. It’s the only medicine in the history of medicine that compels you to come running for your dose at the exact scheduled time, which is followed by lots of grinning and a small celebratory Yum-Yum Dance, with both fists pumping in the air.

Runner up goes to extra sugar-coated Vitamin Gummy Bears.

Dimetapp was a drug, and we were all junkies. We just couldn’t wait to get our next fix of that grapey goodness.

There was however, always a delicate balance between maintaining a low level of sickness so that you could keep getting Dimetapped!, or falling ill with a fever and getting demoted to the dreaded Robitussin! Of course if you were like me, you faked being sick days after you got better just to get your Dimetapp fix. Maybe this is where our sneaky Vicodin addiction habits came from?

If Dimetapp was God’s grape juice, Robitussin was the devil’s water.

They weren’t even on the same scale. A shot of Robitussin followed by a Dimetapp chaser did not cancel each other out.

The moment you started drinking ‘Tussin, the thick red syrup would create a marsh over your whole tongue. Chugging a glass of water didn’t really help… it just turned that concentrated ‘Tussin into its diluted cousin, which tasted like Cherry Tylenol. Definitely not a great feeling when the only way to get rid of the medicine taste is to take more nasty medicine.

Plus there was Round 2: the bit of ‘Tussin still left in the cap. Of course, what did Mom always do? Add water, stir it up, MORE ‘TUSSIN!

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3 Responses to #6. Dimetapp: God’s gift to sick children

  1. julie says:

    seriously… thinking back on it now i was a dimetapp junkie.. i’d drink it for fun sometimes, and drink it for whatever reason the medicine was unintended for, such as headaches, general blah-ness, whenever somebody else had to take it…

    and robitussin.. it’s satan juice i swear and i still fear it! hate the taste and smell and aroma it leaves around you alllllll day…

  2. Sallie says:

    I use to pray that I would get sick just so I could have some Dimetapp! Love the Chris Rock bit!

  3. bgdrewsif says:

    Lime Julie I would sneak dimetapp… I would fake being sick just to score some from my mother when I couldn’t sneak it on my own… it was boozed-up liquid candy for kids… I still love the smell and taste of it…

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