#7. Publisher’s Clearing House’s $10 million dollar sweepstakes

“You may soon win $10 million dollars in the American family sweepstakes!”

— Ed MacMahon was speaking to me. Really. Like how a cult leader can get you to drink the Kool-Aid.

Every few months, a thick envelope came with an official looking certificate and sheets of magazine stamps asking for you to mail back to enter into the sweepstakes.

I always did… then immediately went into Neighborhood Watch mode, keeping my eye out for any vans, balloons, or suspiciously over sized checks that came around my cul-de-sac.

This went on for YEARS.

My parents would tell me to stop, since it was a waste of money buying stamps, but I would just nod in agreement, and then secretly sneak the envelope into the mailbox and raise the red flag. I dreamed about seeing the expression on their faces the day a giant $10 million check came for me, and I made the family rich!

Still waiting for you Ed… are you even still alive?

OK… Just checked Wikipedia. Yeah, so he died in 2009. Looks like we both lost.

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3 Responses to #7. Publisher’s Clearing House’s $10 million dollar sweepstakes

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  2. I have entered for yrs. and Nothing. I even purchased magazines from a time or another thinking it would help! NOT!!! I keep hoping, like so many despert financialy deprived people truely needing the money. Only the wealthly when stuff like this. Never the ones in NEED!!!

  3. Dona Crum says:

    For once in my life I would love to have something good happen in my life. I have a boyfriend that is very skeptical about this sweepstakes and I would love to prove him wrong. I enter as much as I can. The only days I don’t enter is on the weekends because my boyfriend is here with me unless he is working on a Saturday. He does not like me entering. He tells me it is a scam just like the rest of the sweepstakes. I don’t think that way. I would love to help my siblings especially my younger sister. She is a alcoholic. She is killing herself and she does not realize it. She is shutting herself from her family. I want to help my kids and my parents. Also I would love to give some to the animal shelters so they can make more room for the strays that comes in there. Also I have dreams of my own. I would love to buy a piece of land and just build a little ranch home with a wrap around porch and pay off all my bills. I always had hand me down furniture. It’s not like I appreciate it, For once I would love to go to a store and pick out the furniture I really like. I would be like a kid in a candy store. I am on SSD. I have alot of health problems and not able to get even a part job. I am in pain every day and I get so depressed. It only thing that makes me snap out of it is my grandson. He makes me happy. I am leaving this in Gods hands. If it’s met to be, it will be met to be and I hope it is met to be. May God bless you and everyone.

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