TOP 10

The Top 10 based on page views, Facebook Likes, and my personal favorites:

1) #30. Scholastic Book Orders: The greatest way to buy books!

2) #31. SEX ED… for 4th graders

3) #11. Watching Unsolved Mysteries and America’s Most Wanted Alone

4) #9. The trade value of a single McDonald’s fry

5) #29. Computer Lab Day!

6) #37. Capri Suns and orange wedges: the best part of A.Y.S.O.

7) #26. Crocodile Mile: Slippery plastic fun for kids

8)  #6. Dimetapp: God’s gift to sick children

9) #10. Perfecting the rewinding technique to your favorite song on cassette

10) #17. Walking in on your parents playing Nintendo


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