Retro ’80s Kid is a salute to the 1980s and ’90s childhood experience.

I started this blog in February, 2011 after I made the following observation:

Internet at home:      Me: Age 10         Today’s kids: Since Birth

1st cell phone:            Me: Age 20        Today: Kindergarten

1st smart phone:       Me: Age 26         Today: Middle school (or earlier if you’re rich)

The world is so high-tech now that kids these days will never appreciate how well they’ve got it. Soon we might forget how things were in the past. To prevent that, I wanted to archive what I remember from my childhood.

Lucky for me, I’ve been blessed with a ridiculous long-term memory, which allows me to remember almost everything since I was three years old. I remember random specific details about my friends that they would forget within a year. Like how Jesse wore #55 when he was playing on the Clippers in little league basketball during the 5th grade. Random, and useless information.

I also grew up in a predominantly White and Latino community, where I was always the token Asian kid in any group setting: school, church, sports leagues, advanced math classes… As a result, my childhood was a tad different.

Hopefully these two aspects of my life/upbringing will make for an amusing blog.



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