#9. The Trade Value of a Single McDonald’s Fry at Lunch.

You’re late for school.

Your mom didn’t have time to pack you a lunch.

But, she redeems herself at noon when the secretary interrupts class through the P.A. system to announce that your mom brought your lunch to the office. You slyly smile to yourself because you know that today will become a Great Moment in School Lunch History.

With just five minutes left until lunch, the rumors start spreading like wildfire. Your mom currently has an amazing 5 for 5 late lunch record of bringing you a 6pc Chicken McNuggets, a large Coke and large fries. And this time your classmates wanted in.

Knowing that this would happen, you initially Scrooge McDuck all of your trans-fatty loot, even to your best friends, just to create a more desperate demand.

Sure enough your strategy works like a charm and the trade offers start flooding in. 10 Gushers for a Chicken McNugget, a handful of Goldfish for 4 fries, and the classic ‘I’ll be your best friend for a fry.’

Well done young negotiator! Now you have the capital to enslave the entire class to do your bidding. Thanks for the powerup mom!

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